Saturday, August 3, 2013

Skin Care Saturdays - Etude House Moistfull Collagen Firming Eye Cream

I'm slowly but surely turning into a nail polish & Asian skin care blog.  Whatever.  YOLO, or something kids of this day and age would say.  I'm just really in love with what skin care products and makeup I've gotten from Japan and South Korea, and nail polish is my thing.  

My long hiatus was due to spending the past two months in and out of the hospital off and on.  My stomach was killing me - it felt like I was being stabbed - and we're only finally just now figuring out what the heck is the matter.  Hopefully I'll be able to blog more in future.

Anyway!  Eye cream!  I don't really use these often, but while I was back here in the apartment after a hospital visit, I noticed I had dark, hollow circles under my eyes that made me look like a corpse.  Not cute.  I had a sample of this stuff, Etude House's Moistfull Collagen Firming Eye Cream, and I tried it.  The next day, I looked human again.  That's a got to have product for me, so I ordered the full size the next day.

The packaging isn't anything special compared to other Etude House offerings, but what the heck do you want from them?  It's friggen eye cream.

It's a bit on the thicker side of a gel, almost like a gel that's en route to being a cream.  This is  helped by its fairly quick absorption.

I never thought I'd buy anything that had "moistfull" in the description, but this has been helping loads with my dark circles and undereye droopy. It smells super flowery and girlie almost to the point of being overpowering.  Fortunately the smell fades quickly and leaves a nice aftersmell (think aftertaste but for your nose).   I got mine for about 11.00 USD from an eBay seller, but you'll be able to find it online anywhere from 11.00 USD to 15.00 USD for the full sized jar (50 ml).