Saturday, May 25, 2013

Skin Care Saturdays - [TonyMoly] Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel & Egg Pore Tightening Pack

Two weeks in a roooow!  *feels like a rock star*  So, as you may or may not know, I recently was in the hospital.  And when you're in the hospital, your focus isn't on your skin.    Instead of looking good, your focus is more on "can I make it to the toilet without passing out?" or "how the heck do I unravel my IV cord?" or "what is that beeping omfg make it stop why".  When I got out of the hospital, I was sad to find that my face had turned into some sort of plague area.  I look like a zombie from Evil Dead.

Coincidentally, I got an order from the other day that contained these two skincare products from [TonyMoly].  They're both designed for large pores (alas, no DEAR GOD MY FACE FIX IT products really exist).  Here's my first reaction to them.

The first step in the process was the Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel.  This is ... literally what it says it is.  I did it after oil washing my face, and the consistency of this product is basically just a super thick oil wash.  It also has some scrubby bits in there.  It does the standard 'turns white after a while of use' thing.  My roommate, who used it while I did, said it smells like embalming fluid, but I didn't really notice anything.  Maybe I'm desensitized due to years of using acne treatments.  It hurt my hands to rub this in for three friggin' minutes, though.  I was using it on my nose, so it required me to hold my hands in a weird way.

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So, after my fingers uncramped and my skin was sufficiently pummeled, I rinsed.  To be honest?  I didn't notice any immediate results, nor did I expect any.  Blackheads aren't something that're easily treated, and to expect immediate results is a fool's errand.  

But, undeterred, I went ahead and popped on the Egg Pore Tightening Pack.  To me, it smells like plastic, but again, roommate claims embalming fluid.  (She's never smelled it; the real thing is much worse.  Trust.)  The first thing that I noticed was that it kind of looks ... exactly like baby poop.  But, undeterred, I spackled that crap on my face (it's really thick, which I love).

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This?  This I loved.  My skin really did feel tighter, sebum was reduced for like, two days, and I just don't get that from my Queen Helene or Freeman's masques.  I will repurchase this when I finish it up for sure.

You don't have to run out and purchase these right away.  Neither is probably going to change your life, nor is there a problem with finding something similar Stateside.  But I do defy you to find cuter packaging.  That's the draw here, let's be honest.

I give the Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel a B (if only because it got me to actually work on those jerkoffs).  I got it for 5.58 USD.

The Egg Pore Tightening Pack gets an A++ WOULD BUY AGAIN.  I got that for 5.58 USD as well.  I purchased both products from is a newish South Korean makeup reseller online; they used to have an Amazon store that I used for all of my Skin79 BB Cream purchases.  I'm loving their prices and their inventory too.  Right now they're running a promotion where if you sign up with their website, you get a 5.00 off coupon (USD).

What have you tried and loved lately?  Do you like [TonyMoly]?  Why is that name so fun to say?

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me.  No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.  I am not affiliated with this seller.

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  1. oh i was thinking of buying this. might give it a go ! thanks for the review