Friday, August 31, 2012

Sensitive Nose: Chanel "Jersey"

Some people have been saying that Chanel's new fragrance, Jersey, is named after the state.  As someone who has dated someone who lived in the Garden State, I'm going to have to go on record and say that this is not what this perfume smells like.  No, the copy from the Chanel website says that it was named for the fabric because Coco Chanel was one of the first to start using the fabric in women's clothing.

Chanel also states that the main note in this perfume is lavender, followed by vanilla and musk.  To my nose, it does smell like lavender is the top note, but that Chanel No. 5 is the base.  It's got that clean, feminine Chanel smell that I associate with all of their products, but just enough lavender to be considered an "old lady" perfume.  I've been interviewing for jobs, so this is light enough to be smelled but not so strong that I'm going to offend anyone.  It smells clean and fresh and how I'd imagine all of Provence to smell.  Insta love.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (Sensitive)

So, I am now one of America's Unemployed.  You may think this means that I'm having non-stop fun, that I'm vacationing and sleeping in late and having a lot of trysts with other fabulously unemployed singles.  That's completely not the case.  I am living in a constant state of panic like a tiny, twitchy dog. Adding to this stress is the fact that I'm pulling two or three face-to-face interviews per week.  And since I'm in a constant state of AUGH WTF NO, my skin is reacting in kind.  I'm breaking the fuck out.  My skin needs help.

A couple of months ago in my Conscious Box I got a sample of Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel in the sensitive formulation.  It's not a peel-off mask; instead, it's a smooth, slightly sticky formulation that you smear on your face and leave on for twenty to thirty minutes.  The "peel" isn't what you do, it's what the mask does for you.  It exfoliates, it tightens, it brightens.  At least that's what it says it does.


This stuff works for me, so well.  I love this stuff.  I smear it on when my skin gets to Crisis Levels, and it always makes me look as dewy and glowy as I did when I was fourteen and the world was shiny and new.  It really does luminize.  I think buying a full price bottle of this would be worth it for me when I eventually get the money; since it's a once or twice per week item, the small amount per jar would be all right.  I love this mask, and it loves me.  I hope my interviewers love me tomorrow too.