Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nail MADNESS - Sticks and Stones Did It On 'Em

I suck at a lot of things: keeping my house clean, math, dating one person at a time, and keeping up with this blog.  I admit that being unemployed sort of made me ridiculously depressed, and it's just harder to blog when you're broke.  Now I've got a job and a goal in mind for my life (working towards going back to grad school is really doing wonders for my motivation), and it's time to start this back up.  Honestly, I'm really excited about it.  I've got loads of stuff I've never even used, and even if it's not new to me, it's new to you.

Today's a nail look (yes, I like nail polish, stfu) that's easier than it looks.  People keep asking me how I did it and when I tell them it's all about the top coat, they look at me like I'm high.  (I'm not anymore, promise!)

I give you: OPI's "Did It On 'Em" from the Nicki Minaj collection layered with Sticks and Stones from Ninja Polish.

"Did it On 'Em" is kind of a Shrek-esque green color that my mother shrieked at and flailed and ran away.  My mother's kind of a wuss, and I totally love this color.  But cremes bore me now, so I went ahead and upped the ante with a layer of Sticks And Stones by NinjaPolish.  I love how the green offsets the black and white and they just hang out and enhance each other, making everything pop in tandem and gorgeousness.  Wearing you forever, mani.

Now that I'm back I'm really going to try to stick to a Monday/Friday writing schedule; I need to learn that not every post has to be a 1500 word essay.  It's the English BA talking, not the blogger.

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