Monday, June 18, 2012

Nail MADNESS: The New Black - "Walrus"

So, I've been away for forever - work has its busiest month between early May and early June, and what with the tripled workload, I wanted to die.  But never fear: I am back and going to tell you stuff about makeup and crap.  (I know, nobody's life was empty without me, it's fine.)

I'd seen The New Black around Sephora as I shopped in the last few months, and I always thought to myself "oh, hey, that's really cute!" but never bought it.  But my thirty-second birthday passed recently and I needed to buy something so I could get my free birthday gift (this year it was two free mini Sugar Lip Treatments by Fresh in their clear and Rosé colors).  Yes, I already own the big ones of both of those.  No, I will never turn down free lip balm.  Yes, I get it's not free if I buy things to go with it.  Shut the hecks up, Judgey McJudgerson.  I figured it was time to just grab one of The New Black kits and be done with it.  I got Walrus, the ombre nude kit.

Isn't it cute?  I like the idea of this - making ombre kits so that you don't have to go buy other colors or think too much about what you're doing.  Making ombre accessible to people when they're drunk and/or lazy?  I'm in.  Now, this kit was USD 22.00.  The bottles are hella tiny, but there are five of them.

See?  Iiiiitty bitty.  But, like I said, every mani you're only using each color for 2 nails, so they should last a decent amount of time.

I think it's kinda cute!  I think I need to invest more in nudes - I have literally zero, and they're adorable on me.  The formula on these is kinda goopy, and not my favorite, but I think it's a fun set and I'll trot it out whenever work makes me dress more "professionally".

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