Thursday, July 18, 2013

Makeup Time: Urban Decay Haul

Urban Decay's been around for like, fifteen years.  When I say that, it makes me feel really old, which I suppose I am in terms of bloggers, but sheesh.  They've been around since '96.  I was sixteen then, and Urban Decay had colors and their colors had names that were absolutely up my alley.  I used to wear Asphyxia and Pallor lipsticks at the same time, and I eventually owned every single one of their nail polishes.  That's right, UD used to make nail polish.  Recently, to celebrate their 15th, they released two nail polishes.  I couldn't justify the silver holo to myself, but I sure as hell got the purple shimmery one because yes, even though I've got fifteen purple shimmery polishes, I need more.  Dammit.  And that lead to a minihaul.

Fishnet, the closest thing I have to a "signature" eye color (I've gone through four of them) is on sale for four dollars.  It's a gorgeous shimmery purple color.

I also got Vice, the aforementioned UD nail polish.  I haven't worn it yet, but I'll snap a photo when I do!  They're 15.00 USD right now, and I believe only on

The fucking topper has a skull on it.  I could die.  I also snagged one of the Revolution lipsticks, since I'm kind of leaning more toward lipstick than lipgloss as I age.  I'm just lazy nowadays.  These are 22.00 USD.

That for some reason I forgot to swatch.  Derp.  And because UD reformulated their De-Slick compacts, they're selling the old stock for 16.00 USD.  So I grabbed one of those too because one can never de-slick enough when they live in Houston in summertime.

I wish UD would do more nail polishes.  Maybe sometime soon?

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