Saturday, July 20, 2013

Skin Care Saturdays - The Face Shop Vitamin B Hydro Gel Mask Sheet

I'm a fan of sheet masks, but I was unfamiliar with the "hydro gel" mask.  So what the hell, I figured, let's do it and try it out.

The packaging is also adorable as fuck.

Okay, so I could handle this.  Basically, it's a sheet mask that has this plastic backing on it.  You stick the part that had the backing on your face, just like a sheet mask, only the mask itself is made of a more plasticky material.  One thing I did like about this mask is that it came in two parts, so it seemed to fit a lot better on my face.

It also makes you look like a serial killer.  But that's fine!  It smelled pretty decent, not fruity like you'd expect from a star fruit product, but just the sort of clean smell I've come to expect from Face Shop products.  After twenty minutes, most of the essence was absorbed into my skin and I didn't have much left over.  It also seemed to help with my dark circles, somehow.  The only downside to this is that it was more expensive than other sheet masks I've gotten from The Face Shop.

If you're a serial killer on the go who wants a little extra hydration, these are a must.  I guess if you're a normal person, it's good for you too.

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