Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nail MADNESS - May Julep Box "Boho Glam"

I love my Julep box and look forward to it every month.  However, I'm starting to kind of get off of it, the more I get into crazy indie glitterbombs.  This month was a tiny bit underwhelming for me.  I normally get the 'polish lovers' box, but I already have a billion yellow and orange nail polishes.  So I went ahead and got the Boho Glam box this month.

Their pacakaging is always ridiculous cute, and this month was no exception.

Nicely sized foot file and a bag of goodies!

On the left is Sheryl, which looks just like a load of melted Werther's Originals with some shimmer mixed in.  It's pretty sheer on my nails, which caused me to scoff and immediately remove it.  Bah.  Sheers.  Then the purple is Kylie, the magnetic polish we all got.  I'm looking forward to using the striper magnet with some of my Nails Inc. magnetics and my China Glaze ones to see what happens.  The pedi prep I haven't used yet, but dear god - do not sniff it.  It smells like the devil's asshole.  And I also got a sample of the pedi creme, which is okay, but I still like my Burt's Bees coconut creme.

All in all - meh.  I'm not underwhelmed or overwhelmed, merely whelmed.  Maybe I just don't like summer colors - all bright and happy and cheery.  (It should be noted that this is what my nails look like right now.)

I'm wearing ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly on my index/middle/pinky and Julep Anne on the thumb and rings, each finished with a liberal dose of FingerPaints Asylum and Seche Vite.  Screw summer.  I want winter back.

Are you guys still into Julep?  What are you wearing?

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