Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nail MADNESS - Nail-Venturous Floam

I have a love/hate relationship with indie polishes.  I love the unique, different, and fantastically varied colors they offer.  No boring Essie polishes if you don't want them?  Yes please!  Supporting people and not huge companies?  If you know how much of a hippie I am, I'd much rather help out the little guy, the mom next door, as opposed to huge companies.  (Yeah, I know they're buying their stuff from The Man to make my polish, but I hope more profit ends up in their pocket.)

But oh, god, the quest to find the indie polish.  The sleepless nights, the email alerts, the shaking my tiny fist at the sky when that polish I wanted sold out in three seconds - that sucks.  I can just go on QVC and get me some Lippmanns, but if I want a specific indie polish?  I have to stalk it like a creepy dude from Hollywood.  And that's just what I did to get Floam by Nail-Venturous.  Amy at I'm feeling Nail-Venturous made this gorgeous thing, and I stalked NinjaPolish for a hot month to get it.  But it's mine, all mine, and I'm happy to say I love it just as much as I'd hoped I would.  Here's what it looks like about three minutes after application, no topcoat - because I got that excited about taking pictures of it and showing y'all.  (Though admittedly I got this about a week ago and didn't take photos because I'm a ditz, but shhh.)

I didn't even clean up my nails, and I don't care.  You can see the really dense glittering in here - basically this polish is a clear base with hella dense yellow, blue, and green matte microglitter.  And honestly, it really does end up looking like Floam!

The pros?  It's fucking gorgeous.  It makes me smile every time I look down at my hands.  I've gotten more compliments on this than any other polish I've ever owned, ever.  The first time I put it on, I got a solid eight days of wear before I noticed any sort of chipping, and that was with China Glaze basecoat / two coats of Floam / two coats of Seche Vite.  Eight days.  Eight!  The cons?  It's a bitch and a half to put on.  I had to wrestle a bit with it, but that's mostly something I expected.  With that much glitter in it, how could I not have to move it around?

I regret nothing in my goal to this polish, except maybe the bandwidth I sucked from NinjaPolish.  Indie polishes are really where my heart is, and will probably stay that way until major polish companies that aren't Chanel start to make colors like this.

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