Monday, January 14, 2013

Nail MADNESS - Chanel June

Chanel's June is something I've owned since May of last year but never worn.  (I know, I'm terrible.)  My mom got it for me as a birthday gift as I'm a June baby, but for some reason I just went 'meh' and never wore it except with a skittles mani I did a while ago.  But it's been chilly in Houston and I decided I wanted to bring a little Spring to my nails.

The one thing I'll say about this polish is that it's hella sheer.  It's one of those polishes you'll need at least three coats on to cover up your nails, and even then, it's so streaky that you might want a fourth.  (Shown here is four coats on top of one coat of Orly Bonder base with one coat of Seche Vite on top.)  Furthermore, it's streaky as hell.  I have no idea what happened - Chanel polishes are usually way more pigmented, even the cremes - but this one is all HA HA HA EVERY BRUSH STROKE SHALL BE REVEALED and then twists its moustache at you.

So on some of my nails that pissed me off more than others, I layered a-England's She Walks In Beauty on top.

Now this, this I like.  It really plays up the lemon fleck in She Walks in Beauty, and just reminds me of mai tais and lounging by a pool.

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