Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nail MADNESS - Entirely Unlike Tea

NerdLacquer is my favorite indie polish, hands down, bottom line.  Everything Amanda's ever put out is just gorgeous.  So when she disappeared out of the polishverse (yes that's a word I'm using, shut up), we all worried and fretted.  But fortunately for all of us, Amanda is coming back soonish according to her Google+ page.  So no, I'm not just taunting you with a NerdLacquer that you can never have.  

Entirely Unlike Tea is my favorite nail polish for an interview.  I've got loads of them coming up, and I want to wear something that says that I'm a professional lady but doesn't compromise my personal style.  So I bust out this.  It's a lovely milky tea nude with some silver and black glitter in it.  Not loads, just enough subtle sparkle that says "yeah, I'm wearing a nude, but it's a sassy ass nude".

Sassy ass nudes.  Here's hoping I get a job soon!  (And yes, I'll keep this polish in rotation, even when I do have a job and don't need to impress every day.)

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