Monday, January 9, 2012

Nail MADNESS: NerdLacquer - All of Time and Space

My beloved NerdLacquer is back!  Yee!  I'm going to put an order in for at least one of the Firefly polishes after I get paid this week, so there will be that to look forward to.  But for the last four days, I've been wearing what is (thus far) my favorite of her stuff: All of Time and Space.  I love Doctor Who, and I love this polish.  It's starting to have some tip wear which I'm sure you can see in these photos, but it's so stunning - do you blame me for not taking it off?

NerdLacquer's own photo.
You see how pretty that is in the bottle?  It's ridiculous!  I was nervous about putting it on, because I didn't know if it would hold up on my nails.  There's nothing worse than the unfufilled promise of a gorgeous in-bottle polish looking like a hot streaky glitter clump on one's nails.  Fortunately, this polish delivers.

Why yes, that's my family in the background.  Don't plan on stalking, that photo's about fifteen years old.

You can see why I went a little picture happy.  It's a gorgeous light teal creme with silver and purple microglitter, and then just for fun some purple and silver hex glitter of various sizes.  To get this level of opacity, I used three coats on top of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Basecoat with a coat of Julep Fast Dry topcoat.  (My Seche Vite has gone to goopytown, alas.)

I'm getting a manipedi on Wednesday, so I'm sure you'll see a new nail post soon.  Along with some sore cuticles; the ladies there apparently think my fingers are terrible and should be punished.

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