Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nail of the Moment - Butter London and YSL Mashup

So, when I'm bored, I do my nails.  It's not a thing I schedule - I don't have a grandiose "mani day" like I see some bloggers do.  It's more of a 'welp, my nails are kinda jacked up, so I'mma redo them while I watch this terrible Investigation Discovery show' thing.  And I usually do them in the 10PM to 11PM period where I'm off work and fed and vaguely relaxed.  So it never turns out super awesome, but hell, it makes me happy.  This is the point of doing anything, in my humble opinion.  Much like this blog!  (See that segway there?  That segway was fantastic.)

For Christmas, I got the Butter London Dressing Table set, which makes me totally late to the party, I know, but if you're like me and even later, I think you can still snag it at Ulta or Amazon.  It's got two really pretty glitters in it.  Tart With a Heart is the lighter champagne one with some silver and gold shimmer in it, but if you know me, you know that I'm a dark girl who loves her black polishes.  So I wanted The Black Knight like burning.  The sad thing was, when I got it, I wasn't floored.  It was more like a black jelly with glitter innit.  Now, I love the colors they chose for the glitter - there's some purple and teal and hot pink, which are my other favorite colors - but at the same time, I was expecting more of a black creme as the base.  I can't be too mad at them for the fact that it applies like goop.  What glitter polish that is super dense with glitter doesn't?  (I normally hate glitter, which I think I've said here before, and will likely say again.)

Well, I wasn't mad about the polish, and I had some Scotch tape and a big ol' plastic tub filled with my other polish, so what did I do?  I put some tape on the bottom of my stubby little nails and did me some ghetto tips.  I used YSL polish (which I don't use too often as I find it has the shortest wear time of any polish I own) in what I think is 35 but will double check on when I get home.  Here are the results, three days after I did 'em:

For something I halfassed, and for someone with super short nails, I think it turned out hella cute.  (And no, there's no way I can grow my nails out - I'm a gamer, and a girl who types over 100 words a minute at work every day.  I kind of need my fingers.)  At the very least, I think the tips add some interest and some texture, which I always like in my manicures.  And it's giving me something to do with that damn YSL polish.

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