Saturday, December 31, 2011

NerdLacquer and the Vet

No, these things are totally unrelated.  But I was at the vet today, taking my adorable cat Isolde in to see if she had ear mites, and while I waited for the test to come back, I thought I'd take a picture of my nail polish.

(This is the vet, obviously.  I loved how old school the color scheme was, and sue me, I was bored.  You can't tell, but there's a seven pound cat in that carrier.  She was trying to be very small.)

But yes!  In the terrible lighting of the vet's office, I decided to take photos of my nails.  I'm wearing NerdLacquer, an Etsy nail polish.  I know what you're thinking.  "Nail polish on Etsy?  I'm dubious about this idea!  Also, I would like nachos."  And I agree with you on all counts.  But NerdLacquer makes awesome polishes, in colors that you've likely never seen before.  They're reasonably priced, and they're a dream to apply.

This picture is all of the NerdLacquer polishes, as taken from their Etsy site.  They're currently only selling their holiday colors, due to Christmas depleting their stock, but they're working on making more.  The below pictures are of Warrior Ethos (which is the fourth from the left in the top row in the above mega picture).

Now, I normally hate reds.  And I normally loathe glitters (they're a pain in the ass to get off!).  But look at that.  It really does look like blood - it's more like a red jelly with glitter suspended in it.  And the glitter's a mix of silver microglitter, some silver hex glitter, and some fine black glitter.  BLACK.  GLITTER.  It's like a song written just for me, like a poem on the wind.  Have there ever been two better words put together than black glitter?  I didn't think so.  And come on, it's Klingon polish, I had to buy it.  I'm weak that way.  And for those of you who worry about those sorts of things, the cat is fine.  I thought she had ear mites, but she just has ear wax.  Yay!

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