Thursday, December 8, 2011

First post, no pictures.


I'm well, how're you?

Oh, you're sick of beauty blogs?  I know, I am too.  Let's face it - I'm thirty-one, so I already seem too old for the internet.  And I'm not exactly a model.  And lord knows I can barely afford my rent, much less going to Sephora and getting some ridiculous haul. 

... my cats can contribute?  Fuck you, internet, you're not funny.

But in all seriousness: my name is Sarah, and this is my blog.  Among my group of friends, I'm the one most interested in makeup and "girlie" things of that nature, and as such, I tend to babble on about it to various disinterested parties who do not care one bit about what a "flakie" nail polish is, or how hard it was to find a certain lip balm.  At that point, we're forced to awkwardly change the topic back to something neutral like death metal or Norwegian men being prettier than Yanks (it's true, punk, look it up).  So, that's why I'm writing this.  Yes, I am the titular Fat Mexican (I'M THAT GUY!  THE GUY IN THE STORY!), and I do need makeup.  (And nail polish.  And skin care.  And accessories.)  But don't get your hopes up too high.  I'm not going to do MAC hauls every week.  I'm not going to have any scoops on what's going on over at MUFE (even though I'm debating going to that US store they just launched someday, omg)!  But I will post honest reviews and thoughts, I will let you know when exfoliants get stuck in your shower or what lippies smell like butt and why glitter polish can suck a fat one.  If you're a beauty product enthusiast (not obsessive, those people can shoo, you're kind of weird and smell like primer) or a beginner, let's hang out.  Or if I make you laugh.  That works too.

(P.S.:  I'm on Beautylish if you are.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

(P.P.S.: I'm sorry, internet, you're totally funny.  I can't watch that video you gave me of a greedy porcupine often enough.  Never change.)

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