Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nail MADNESS - Butter London Lazy Day Mani

I am so deeply sorry, my loves, that I have not posted in a while.  Loads happened - I had surgery, I got a cold (those two are unrelated but happened pretty close to each other), and I ended up having to ditch one cell phone carrier in favor of another (I used to get my celly service for free because of a family hookup, but said hookup was lost and I now pay for it like a normal American).  That meant that my camera was gone.  Yes, Virginia, I use my cell phone camera to take my blog photos.  In the spirit of all things ghetto fantastic, I refuse to spend 500 bucks I don't have on a camera just to take photos of makeup and my cats.  Ye olde cellphone works just fine.  And now on with the pretties!

Everyone I know who's into polish, who hates leaving the house with naked nails has a go to "I'm too lazy to be arsed to be creative and awesome today" mani.  This is mine.  (THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT - okay, sorry, Full Metal Jacket moment there.)  What I do when I can't be arsed to come up with cute color combos or whip out the Konad plates is this: I put on Butter London's Hen Party, then top it with Tart With a Heart.  I know what you're thinking - that sounds boring, even for layering.  But really, it's prettier than you think!

So, these are the girls in their bottles (photos from Butter London's website).  They look kind of boring in the bottle, and separately, yeah, they are kinda boring.  These ladies were meant to be layered.  They can be layered over other polishes sure, but I really fancy them together - they look just like champagne bubbles.

With flash

with flash
Not bad for something I did while half asleep in ten minutes, yeah?  Especially since I type for a living, I just do not always have the time during my four or so polish changes a week for brilliance.  This mani makes it easy for me to look down at my nails and smile.  What's your go-to lazy day mani?

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