Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nail MADNESS - Sumer Skittles Mani

So, I really wanted to do an ombre manicure, but I didn't have any colors that I wanted to do it with.  Or cosmetic sponges.  Or will.  (I had surgery last week, so I've been riding the Vicodin pony all this week.)  So I decided to do a skittles manicure with bright, happy colors.  Summer's back in Texas.  You may be asking what happened to Spring; we had that in February.  That's over now.  The high was in the nineties today, I'm running the AC nonstop, my tanktops are in full rotation - it's summertime, bitches.  So I slapped on some polish - Chanel Midori on my thumb, Hard Candy Yellow on my index, Chanel June on my middle finger, Julep Gloria on my ring finger, and Julep Parker on my pinkie.  On top of that, because I always like to up the ante, I put on some Essie Shine of the Times.  But I still didn't like that, so I matted it out with my favorite matte topcoate, ManGlaze Matte-Astrophe. Here's how it looks, and the colors by their lonesomes.

This is the other hand, with the colors just opposite - Gloria, Parker, June, Midori, Yellow.

And this is my cat, who isn't as yellow or orange as my nails, but handsomer than anything else in the world.  He's also more photogenic, don't you think?

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