Saturday, March 31, 2012

Samples Samples Samples - March 2012 Eco-Emi Box

I had a nice little surprise waiting for me on Wednesday after I got out of surgery - my March Eco-Emi box!  Don't get me wrong, I like Birchbox and MyGlam, but Eco-Emi is the box I look forward to the most every month.  I like the mishmash of beauty and other items, and I love that they're all green.  It soothes my hippie soul.

This is a prescription for happiness, oh yes.  Yaaaay box!

Christine always packs her boxes in the prettiest ways.  It just makes you feel special, like there was a lot of care put into it.  ... I also always open boxes in the most destructive manner possible.

The first thing my eyes went to was the incense packet.  Champa is possibly my favorite scent for my house to have, and this was a cute little sample size.  There were three baby sticks in it, courtesy of Auromere.  They have loads more scents, and seeing as I've already burned these, I'll be making a purchase soon.

Toothbrush!  It's got a handle made out of recycled material, which is a good idea.  I use a fancy electronic toothbrush, but I'll use this to clean out the bite plate that keeps me from grinding my teeth at night.  This is from Vitacare.

Also from Vitacare is a pack of gum.  I love me anything pomegranate flavored, and I actually don't even hate it with the hint of mint.  I don't know how well it whitens, but then again, I don't think any gum really makes a difference in the whitening department.  As long as it's tasty - which it is - I don't mind.

This is a food bar from Bella Bar in cinnamon nut flavor.  I haven't tried it yet, but it looks to be in the same vein of food bars as my beloved Luna Bars, albeit with fewer nutrients.  I like cinnamon and I like nuts, so I'll probably try this on my next day at work during a break.

This is a bottle of soap oil from Old Post Road Oils.  It says that it's "pear tree" scented, but I don't smell pear at all.  I smell a bit of musk, but no pear.  I rather like it; it reminds me of my grandfather's smell - one part pipe tobacco, one part old spice, one part old man.  I used it to shave my legs, and they are silky smooth.  I like this a lot.

Onto the items in the bag!  Look at how pretty it is!

This is a shampoo/conditioner travel set from Greenbody Greenplanet.  This is a different scent than I got last month - this is Revitalize.  I love the smell; it smells clean and fresh and lively.  It didn't leave my hair as moisturized as my normal haircare routine, but this would probably be great if you have normal hair.  Mine tends to be a bit on the dry side.

This is a Badger Lip Tint.  It doesn't tell me what color it is, but it really is a pretty color on my mouth.  I'm always looking out for lip tints - I don't usually wear lip colors that pop since I'm too busy doing that on my eyes.  This has a nice feeling on the lips - not too waxy, not too watery.  It's pretty easy to forget that you have it on at all.  It's not super duper moisturizing, but it didn't dry my mouth out either.  So that's a nice thing.

Badger Lip Tint swatched

These are two adorable eye shadows from The All Natural Face.  I got warm honey (left) and rose gold (right).  While these containers are adorable, they were a bitch and a half to get open.

This is a pot of gel eyeliner by The All Natural Face as well.  My box ended up sitting in the car for a while, so it ended up melting a bit.  I tried it out after letting it sit in the house and the AC for a day, and it was still pretty liquidy.  I'm used to gel eyeliners that are a bit more firm, so this will definitely take some getting used to.

From left: warm honey eyeshadow, rose gold, black gel eyeliner - no primer used.  I actually love how soft and smooth these mineral shadows are; they feel like they have a bit more substance than some mineral shadows I've used.  They're soft to the feel and super spreadable, and the color payoff is super high.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to get a pot of warm honey.

For fifteen bucks?  I'm super happy with this month.  I found a lot of stuff I'm going to have to buy bigger sizes of, and it cheered me up during post-op.  Do you guys get sample boxes?  What can't you live without?

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