Friday, March 16, 2012

Nail MADNESS - Electrify

I am the one person in America that hasn't read the Hunger Games trilogy.  (I know you fans out there were wondering who hasn't read it yet - that person is me.)  The thing is, everyone tells me it's a super awesome, super fresh premise, and then I don't have the heart to tell them that it reminds me an awful lot of one of my favorite books, Battle Royale by Koshun Takami.  (If you've seen the movie, this is the book that's based upon.)  Of course, I didn't like Harry Potter after the Chamber of Secrets either, and I read one chapter of Twilight before ranting about how Bella is a wuss and needs to toughen her vagina.  I'm a teen lit killjoy.  It's my thing.  It's what I do. 

However, I also love nail polish and covet and horde it like a weird narcissistic dragon.  So, when I heard China Glaze was doing a series of polishes for the Hunger Games, I said "whatever, are the colors pretty?".  Last year they released pictures of the swatches, and only three colors appealed to me - Agro, Luxe and Lush, and this one, Electrify.  I'm not normally one for glitter bomb polishes; usually when I glitter, I just want a little bit in a color that's strong on its own.  So I was pretty dubious about application of this girl.  But the red and gold microglitter in this polish is so damn dense, it doesn't matter that it's in a clear base.  I only needed two coats to get the blingin' off the hieze (I promise to never do that again, don't worry) nails shown below.

One thing I will say about this polish is you may want to do two coats of top coat; I did one coat of Seche Vite after polishing, and two hours later the annoying sandpaper-like grit of my nails started to bug me.

If you're a completionist or a Hunger Games fan (what are you guys calling yourselves?  Hungry Hungry Fangirls?  Hungies?  Gamehards?), I know finding Luxe and Lush in storefronts has been a pain.  I ordered it from, and it's en route to me now.  They usually have a coupon for 3.50 off of any purchase over 10.00 USD on their main page too, so happy shopping!

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