Friday, March 30, 2012

Nail MADNESS - Random Dancing!

I had surgery yesterday, and one of the pre-op requirements was that I take off my nail polish.  I don't know if you heard me.  They wanted me to take off my nail polish.  I took it off about ten in the evening the day before as I had to be at the hospital at seven in the morning, and that whole night I looked at my sad, unpainted nails in terror.  It was like my hand belonged to an alien!

So while I lay around in bed today in a post-op Vicodin haze, I decided to do my nails.  I wanted to do something fun and punchy, and I did just that.  I painted my ring and index fingers with Pink Voltage by China Glaze, and the rest of my fingers in Purple Panic (also by China Glaze).  On top of that, I used Random Dancing by Dollish Polish.  I got it a few weeks ago, but had not gotten around to using it.  It's got a boatload of glitter in about every color you can think of - mostly rainbow square glitter and some black microglitter.  It's about the same texture as any super dense glitter polish; at times you'll have to fight with it to get the glitter to distribute, but hell, who cares if it goes on perfectly even - this polish is fun.  Now when I look at my hands, it looks like a Lisa Frank binder, like being a kid - kind of like iCarly in general.  (And shut the hell up, I love that show.  Sam is my hero.)

I haven't cleaned up my cuticles yet - I'm all shaky and Vico-stoned, but you get the idea.  And that idea is FUN.  This would be awesome over a black, too, or really any color that's punchy.  As long as it's in the spirit of random dancing  and fun and joy.  So I leave you with this (and can we just talk about how fucking adorable Michelle Obama is?  I love her so much.)  Be happy, internet!

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