Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cult Classic Review - Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

Nuh uh, autospellcheck, Luminizing is so a word, Sephora says so!  But onto the review!  Have you ever wished you could have stunning, gorgeous, poreless skin?  Of course you have.  But do you like looking like a space mutant while you wear a face mask?  Do you delight in scaring your friends and pets while stomping around your home, growling at loud volumes I AM THE IMPURITY DESTROYER?  

Suck it, impurities.
 Wait, you don't?  That's just me?  Oh.  Well.  So, if you just want to have the nice skin thing, Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask is supposed to help out with that.

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According to Sephora's copy, it's supposed to "shrink pores, firm skin, and reduce inflammation".  These are all awesome claims, especially for a mostly natural based product.  Plus, it's a peel-off mask, which I love - there's the same joy that came with putting glue on your hand in grade school and pretending that you were dying from the plague.  (And if you didn't do that, we are not friends anymore.)  But does it do all it claims?

Well, yes and no.  It draws out impurities about as well as any other clay mask I've ever tried.  And it exfoliates ... like any other peel-off mask I've tried.  But I'll be honest, for 38.00 USD, I'd much rather just go buy a bottle of Freeman's Cucumber Peel-Off face mask for four bucks and be done with it.  (Which I do.  I use that once a week, and once a week I use their Avocado-Oatmeal clay mask for the drawing out impurities bit.  I'll use the clay one more often if my skin is being a dirty jackass.)

Now, if you've got thirty-eight bucks to drop?  Sure, do it - it'll save you time.  If you're like me and wince while inwardly shrieking about how that's half of your electric bill, just stick to Freeman's.  It might not have the same awesome DUDE IT'S BLACK factor, but for all the money you'll save, you can get some black nail polish.  Now let's go listen to some Burzum together, oh dark hearted friend.

(This song is almost as brutal as how much this face mask costs.  Alas.)

The consensus: this mask is trendy and oh so cool, but not worth your time if you're pinching pennies like 99% of us are.  (OH DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE.)  Let's go peel our plageskin off now!

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