Friday, February 24, 2012

Sewame Skin Care - PXE Anti-Blackhead Pore Refining Stretch Mask

Hello, internet.  I'm sorry I took a break from this for a while - I was feeling a bit under the weather.  But now I'm back to your lovely bosom, and I look like this.

What is that, you say?  I still don't look well?  In fact, I look like a burn victim, or someone who has just had a terrifying amount of plastic surgery?  While I cannot argue that I do look like both of those things, neither are true.  In fact, I'm just wailing on my pores with a sheet mask.  Sheet masks are little cloth masks soaked in good for your skin junk (the junk varies, depending on the mask you get) that are super popular in Asia.  And I see why.  I love face masks, but god, they're a pain in the booty to get off.  Once I'm done with them, I just want to be done with them.  Sheet masks let you do that.  You just peel the cloth off, rub whatever extra junk your skin didn't absorb into you, and throw away the cloth.

The mask I'm using today is Sewame's PXE Anti-Blackhead Pore Refining mask.  I got a box for 12.60 USD that has seven masks in it from  They're pretty much what I use for all of my Asian beauty product needs. 


This is my first sheet mask by Sewame, and I love it.  It tingled the whole half hour I left it on (twice as long as I was supposed to, but that's more me getting involved in World of Warcraft than anything else).  My skin didn't look noticeably tighter after I took it off, but I've yet to use a skincare product that offered me immediate results.  I've got six more masks to see what it's going to do besides make me look like a mummy and make my skin tingle.

Do you guys like sheet masks?  What weird beauty stuff do you use?

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