Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nail MADNESS - Knackered Techno

Man, I like me some nail polish.  It's just such an easy way to cheer yourself up for (usually) under twenty bucks.  Butter London's Spring/Summer collection wasn't really that exciting for me, if only because I don't do a lot of teals or pinks.  But Knackered has loads of microglitter in it, which just makes it shiny and lovely in the bottle, so I couldn't resist.

Curse you, Butter London.  Here's my 14.00 USD, now leave me the hell alone.  ... for now.  ... for now.

Here's how she looks swatched:

Now, I'll interject here quickly - as soon as I got this home, I thought "hold up, she looks a lot like Not Like the Movies by OPI".  Remember that one, from the Katy Perry collection a while ago?

Yes, they do look familiar.  They're both sort of like oil spills - you know when you see oil on pavement and it does this pretty opalescent thing?  These both do that.  But while they're similar, I don't think they're exactly the same at all.

Not Like the Movies ends up being kind of a mossy green where Knackered ends up more of a sky blue.  They both have loads of glitter and shine, but the base color is in and of itself different.  They're not dupes of each other, nope!

Now, Knackered is super pretty on her own, but I tend to get confused when I just wear one color by itself.  So I went ahead and upped the ante and put some glitter on top.  I'd just gotten China Glaze's Techno from their Electropop collection that just came out, and put that on there.

I actually really love how they look together - the microglitter and hex glitter in Techno enhance the glitter that's already in Knackered.  And I even thought to take pictures in natural light!

And here you've got nothin' but shine, shine, shine.  Three coats of Knackered here on top of China Glaze adhesion basecoat, two coats of Techno, then one coat of Seche Vite.  And yes, that was three days after application, leave me alone.  YOU'RE NOT MY MOM.

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